Yoga I am is part of Shakti Anand Trust. Our Yoga Gurukul (Guru student training) certified Yoga Alliance school upto 21 Days (can be shorter 15 days) gives an experience of authentic transformational yoga, with emphasis on silence, Chakra Energy, breath work, Kriyas, locks (bandhas), Intuitive body communication, visualizations, postures, allowing for an awakening and intuitive teaching experience, as well as knowledge based philosophy and anatomy. This is an authentic experiential learning with hands on practical experience.

This is a humbling yoga Gurukul experience of an ashram in a western environment taking you through a journey to ultimately leave you feeling balanced in your own energy, grounded and cultivating depth of dimension so that you can go on and start to teach the same for others.

You will learn how to teach intuitively and from a place of truth, the heart.

If you are looking to start a integrative yoga training outside and inner then this is for you.



Get in touch with us via info@yogaiam.com for enquiries and to register. Complete Form Below.

Having completed both Ashram training with Sivananda in India and more mainstream training with David Swenson in Ashtanga yoga and certified power yoga with Vijay Amar, plus her own life awakening meditation practices have led Shakti Anand to create a fully integrative training for budding yogis, after 18 years of living yoga life. 
We are a social enterprise and use proceeds from funds to re-invest in consciousness based projects, to train trainers of cancer centers, schools, etc.

For enquiries, please contact us using the below form or via info@yogaiam.com. 

Introducing our online training for yoga teachers and get our launch price offer and collect your free video.


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Our address in Ibiza Kriya Yoga & Chakra Energy TTC 20 Days Intensive June & September 2018


In the tradition of LOVE, PEACE, INNER JOY, a teachers training to awaken in Kriya Yoga & Chakra Energy - A practical transformational practice based on traditions tested by real Yogis Paramhansa Yogananda, Lahari Mahaysa, Babaji

with SHAKTI PREM ANAND in a location and time to suit you. Join our monthly webinar series to find out more, In the first wednesday of each month in the evening GMT at 7.30pm


“Live quietly in the moment and see the beauty of all before you. The future will take care of itself......” What is kriya yoga & chakra energy teachers training with the Yoga I AM School? 

“Live quietly in the moment and see the beauty of all before you. The future will take care of itself......” Paramhansa Yogananda .Living in the moment was created before Eckart Tolle ‘power of now’ in this incredible life changing book.

Imagine if a book can transform you then what can the experiential practice of kriya yoga do?

With Kriya Yoga & Chakra Energy with Yoga I AM School your body will release:





foggy mind


feeling stuck

This book Autobiography of a yogi by Paramhansa yogananda which i read over 20 years whilst on my flight to do my own yoga teachers training at sivanananda ashram in kerala india, i finished the book whilst flying unable to put it down that night and then left it. Its time was not right at that moment. However it stuck in my mind and when the time was ripe, I undertook kriya meditation in varnasi in india in the home of lahari mahasya, over 4 years ago. Previously I meditated in other techniques, since last 24 years, HOWEVER for me KRIYA YOGA was coming HOME!

Whilst undertaking the sivananda training and then also a power yoga teachers training in 2011, i felt after having done kriya yoga that these training programs lacked some depth to transform my spirit, they were working on my physical body much more in my case.

After i started initiating in Kriya meditation in 2016 i felt that most people lacked the self discipline, and its just too much for their bodies to dive straight on the path of a super fast jet high energy meditation practice. Hence this teachers training was created and for those that dont wish to be a teacher then they can do a 6 day self empowerment program. You might say well there is kundalini yoga? Yes but its not maha avatar babaji kriya yoga practice and also its not a progressive training with these lineage kriyas that leads one step by step into the kriya meditation practice initiation which we do once in india and one in europe for now.

The Kriya Yoga & Chakra energy Teachers training 200 hours is yoga alliance accredited in 2017 with Yoga IAM school, and we have this year in 2018 introduced a modular online program over 6 months or 3 weeks suits your own practice.

We want to give the authentic kriya yoga as indicated in Patanjali sutras and the Bhagvad gita as the only yoga that is specifically mentioned.

So this yoga program is not like any other its experiential and you will be transformed! Your energy will shift. It comes with a warning your kundalini channel known as chakras will be effected. The traditional kriyas, breath work, powerful intention setting, chants, knowing your own aura, silence, chakra readings, effect of chakras on the physical body and asanas.

Kriya yoga & chakra energy 200 HRS TTC AND OR 6 Days self practice empowerment



Ibiza: June & September 2019

India: March 2019

Kriya Yoga Meditation initiation in Ibiza September 2019, in India January 2019

Pilgrimage 10 Days Babaji cave and ashram visits of Babaji Himalaya April 2019

Below is a testimonial of the yoga teachers training conducted last year, oh and did i forget to say we only teach intense ashram basis upto 7 students only. This is authentic experience don’t expect luxury and leave ego at home.


You may make a booking with a deposit of 20 % of £400. This is non refundable so talk to us to be sure this is for you. You can pay via paypal info@yogaiam.com or via bank transfer. Drop us an email for more information.

The cost of the program is £2599 in Ibiza only self catering option with brunch & dinner and in india is the same. The online modules is the same £ 999 and discounted as a special launch offer at £99 limited time offer claim it now, and to obtain Yoga alliance with online will need to satisfy additional requirements.


Love grace