Yoga I am is part of Shakti Anand Trust. Our Yoga Gurukul (Guru student training) certified Yoga Alliance school for 1 month gives an experience of authentic transformational yoga, with emphasis on silence, Chakra Energy, breath work, Kriyas, locks (bandhas), Intuitive body communication, visualizations, postures, allowing for an awakening and intuitive teaching experience, as well as knowledge based philosophy and anatomy. This is an authentic experiential learning with hands on practical experience.

This is a humbling yoga Gurukul experience of an ashram in a western environment taking you through a journey to ultimately leave you feeling balanced in your own energy, grounded and cultivating depth of dimension so that you can go on and start to teach the same for others.

You will learn how to teach intuitively and from a place of truth, the heart.

If you are looking to start a integrative yoga training outside and inner then this is for you.

Get in touch with us via info@yogaiam.com for enquiries and to register.

Having completed both Ashram training with Sivananda in India and more mainstream training with David Swenson in Ashtanga yoga and certified power yoga with Vijay Amar, plus her own life awakening meditation practices have led Shakti Anand to create a fully integrative training for budding yogis, after 18 years of living yoga life. 
We are a social enterprise and use proceeds from funds to re-invest in consciousness based.

For enquiries, please contact us using the below form or via info@yogaiam.com. 

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