Peace in every act through a balance of Heart and Mind

I recall the time when I had left the corporate game just over 7 years ago as the noise of the mind without heart felt imbalanced and this had happened straight after my return from Kumbh Mela, Hardwar in India in 2009 and the outpouring of love led to me writing a book unplanned in 2 weeks called 'Living from the Heart' by Shira Bassi.

None of that matters as now this word 'Heart' is used in ad campaigns as well as political and social ones, without really having the heart awakened its become a word to gain following, and the media is quick to feel the pulse and give the people at least in words what they are lacking, an open heart.

Without the heart the mind is a robotic logical machine with no checkpoint and hence the world dynamics are lopsided.

We are all of us responsible there are no scapegoats in this. There is a word called 'personal responsibility' however having lived in a police type environment for so long, we created a system that is at the best selfish and at the worst greed and fear based.

The level of group consciousness is now seeking address to the hearts own awakening this is evident as the rise in yoga, meditation, mindfulness and its time for the mind machine without heart to let go of the reins and the new mind and heart to rise like a phoenix.

So how does all this serve peace in every act? Until our words ON HEART and LOVE  reflect our actions and deeds they are meaningless.

If each person before speaking asks do i enact what i say in this way of heart or love? If the answer is no then there is personal work to be done in heart awakening before using these words of love and heart and peace so loosely.

The qualities of a peaceful act are:

  • Tolerance
  • Compassion
  • Kindness
  • Forgiveness
  • Sharing freely with no expectation
  • Unity not separation
  • For the greater good not personal good
  • Being truth
  • A flow not resistance in the act

Shakti Anand is a karma yogi at Yoga I AM teaching meditation, satsang, yoga.