Presence of divine essence as 'shivashakti' A play of bliss with Shakti Anand Ma - The Process is Meditation - The Kriya Meditation Retreat

Many times people asked who is the 'we' that I often referred to, it was natural for me to convey that all that I am and all that I do is working through me that I as the lower self was no longer in charge of this drama play called 'Life' so this reference to 'we' was to lay the claim to the ultimate doer as I refer this as 'shivashakti'

What is this 'shivashakti' another fancy concept? Well life only happens to the level of our own beliefs and thoughts either from this life or past life karma. There is just life happening for each one of us, no one has responsibility except to his own selfrealisation first then god realization can surface by grace, and the duality of the separation of the mind naturally quietens, its all effortless, this state is what is referred as the 'Shivashakti' state where the duality disappears. Actions or kriyas in life arise from this unified still and yet dynamic aspect of beingness.

One communes at a level from this 'shivashakti' state, sure some could classify this as insanity and most mystics and yoginis have been labelled as such now 21st century science is recognizing through quantum physics that this is most powerful silent void state from which creation happens.

Its with much inner turmoil this dharmic acceptance has surfaced to allow this 'shivashakti' state to shine through and initiate into what is only a technique of meditation 'Kriya'

Lineage is eternal as the 'shivashakti' state is beyond family, beyond organizations, so there will be no mention or claim to any. However the journey that has brought to this point has been long arduous and at times challenging over the last 18 years. Rivers of tears and separation from loved ones, and yet this inner resolve to be living truth, living unconditional love, living simple required more inner courage, inner strength than needed for my career as a change management consultant in the city of london as a chartered accountant holding an MBA and giving up on that so called 'Business life of financial success' not to mention alienating friends and family.

At this point the realization is that success is not just outward monetary but internal and the outer reflects the inner, thats not to make financial success right or wrong as its all an attitude of non attachment, one can reep the rewards of ones karmic events just not be attached to the fruits.

Hence with this realization Kriya meditation retreats will now be taking place through the 'shivashakti' state as I step out of the way and accept this dawning of the dharmic path.

My personal story to how I got out of my way is not necessary, only the experience to make the 'shivashakti' state accessible to those that are ready for a courageous and self discovery journey of a 'play in bliss' with Shakti Anand Ma. Shakti anand trust will perform these kriya meditation retreats, and through the Yoga I AM conduct the schedules. Contact to be registered to the next retreat, should you wish to hold such a retreat in your centre kindly drop us an email. The next retreat will be from 24th to 27th November 2017 in Ibiza and in Hardwar, Uttarkhand India from 9th to 12th February 2017 then during March in Goa.

I bow down to each of you in recognition of your divine essence. Jai Guru Dev. Om Shakti.