Silent reflections into your life....

Silent reflections into your life….

The very word silence conjures a relaxed state of let go of ease, so imagine how much more when we give ourselves the space to be silent.

With continuous bombardment of technology into our lives there is an ever greater need to not just go on a retreat but to actually have the space for yourself to be alone. Switch off that mobile phone, the social media the emails and then finally your mind.

This is not so easy for us to achieve in a world where we are continuously being distracted, the intellect has taken over such precedence in our everyday lives that to switch off the mind is no easy feat where we are swamped with the iphone/android phones being our life line to living, they are no longer a luxury but are a necessity. Lets not even begin to imagine the damage they are doing with their frequency signals bombarding our own energy aura.

The heart is not even a close second to the intellect mind in todays functioning world, i would even go so far as to say that its in the emergency ward. Being silent allows us to connect to ourselves in a way that no one can, its aligning with our own wholeness and giving freedom to the witness within ourselves.

A practice of awakening always has a component of silence. The silence is charged to feed our spirit, which is starved without the gap of silence.

The body’s energy is automatically recharged from within oneself, a sort of self healing. The more one practices and taps into this innate intelligence the more alert and awake one becomes.

There are many ways to quieten the mind and there are numerous meditation techniques to assist you, find one that suits you, listen from within and if this feels right then its probably the right one for you.

Also be with a teacher that you have an affinity towards as their energy will affect you.

Shakti Anand ma initiates in Kriya Meditation a spinal breathing technique and holds silent meditation retreats to find out more write to