Starting the day of conscious living

A day in the life of a conscious life, starts in the early hours of the morning when the world is still asleep. During these early morning hours known as ‘Amrit’ or nectar when the ‘Awake’ ones converse, with the universal consciousness & other ‘Awake’ beings its here their truth abides, in that space of emptiness, silence, meditation all these are just words for the majority of people, but for the awakened, this is their uniting urge as peace, love and bliss. Here they are ‘ No-thing’ ‘No-one’ and they cannot be naming the nameless perennial everlasting presence. 

A conscious Awake person will know the presence as we know our heartbeat exists. Its this level of faith in their life experience that has led them to such grace of awakening. This awakened grace is filled daily, its not a ritual its making love with the divine lover unconditionally. 

The start of the worldly day happens, WITH OUR DEEPEST TRUTH AS THE PRESENCE since time doesn't exist for them and nor does limited space or matter. This is not a comparison of the material day to a spiritual living being who lives in the world, its an example of an awake beings starting the day. 

Each being has a unique awakening, arising only by grace alone, which is why in a sense all teachers are only the toolkit one has to carry, without you there is no teacher, as ironic and absurd as that is, you do actually manifest your ‘teacher’ ‘guru’ and exit the same, and its sheer grace that ‘awakens’ A true guru will not lay claim to the awakening as he will be humble enough to know that his body is the vessel for which all things happen and this sort of teacher is quite rare, as there are many fakes and shams. Here again there is the ridicule, as in the world so in the guru or teacher one only finds that teacher for which one is ready for, to step into the nextgrowth, not all teachers gurus will be able to carry your ripeness to full awakening. Yes there are levels of awakening!

So the early morning is the main meal, and the rest of the day just snacking. A conscious person are in the movie of life knowingly, they don’t think it. Detachment aloofness are the common attacks by their family and friends, when this is really not the case, yet often the people they love the most fear them equally the most.

Love Shakti