Who are we?


Shakti Anand

Shakti is the founder of Yoga I am, to keep upto date with her on FacebookInstagram, Twitter, Linkedin and her blog Chai with Shakti.

Shakti's yoga training started from when she was born in India though she grew up in the UK. She commenced Yoga training within the Ashram in Kerala of Sivananda 21 years ago, but only out of passion for yoga, whilst continuing her corporate consultancy career in the city of london. Later she did Ashtanga with David swenson and undertook further teachers training in Power yoga in India. Her meditation lineage has evolved over 21 years to no particular tradition, although leaning as a science form with sound and light known as kriya meditation.

We only deliver a whole yoga practice in our workshops, retreats and concierge service, not just postures. Its non religious yet affects the conscious way approach to yoga, I am that.

Expert Nutritional advisor

Kimberley Parsons

We believe that nutrition is a key component of kriya yoga and have brought in this expertise during our teachers training programs.

Graduates of the Yoga I AM school

Our teachers will be certified in all round holistic healing appraoch to yoga and work with our concierge yoga delivery in different countries, so to see if one is aviailable in your country do contact us so we can put you in touch.

To schedule an appointment with one of our qualified yoga trainers, please call us at +44 7974813890 or use our contact form or write an email to info@yogaiam.com or go ahead and book online for the teachers training, self practice, workshops, retreats and meditation.

Why Yoga I AM?

At Yoga I Am we take a personalised approach to help you with all your LIFE, as yoga is meant for the whole of life, we cover mind, body and spirit on the mat. We encourage those who are ready to commit to:

 6 day self practice or

21 days teachers training or

online self practice

These can be done part time also in london over 3 weekends or 10 weekends respectively.

To deepen this way of healing both inside your mind, emotions and physical body as ONE healing yoga at YOGA I AM. Before starting your yoga i am, we schedule A CALL to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses and to develop the most beneficial PROGRAM  to match your specific goals. We combine whole of Yoga exercise, nutrition and healthy lifestyle practices so you can improve all aspects of your physical and mental well-being. 

We have 3 houses in our constitution, our mind, our thoughts, our emotions and our actions, leading to who we are and these then become our actions, our devotion/desires and our knowledge.

We also offer a detox based on nutrition and diet and consider this a key componenet of healing yoga. We are specifically working with a well known nutritional advisor Kimberley Parsons who is available during our programs.

In Yoga I AM we bring all 3 aspects as healing yoga,  and through the yoga practice we positively and energetically develop the thoughts, emotions through the bodys actions in Yoga. We also bespoke this yoga practice to suit the individuals constituion.