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Consciousness is one source spirit with the form of light and sound of which we are ALL a part,  like a musical instrument is one yet it has many varied notes and with that unified approach we invite you as a conscious co-sponsor/partner to further the conscious living movement and play those varying notes and yet from the same source instrument ‘Shakti’. 


 An intimate gathering of the ‘shakti' life force in kriyas(act) conscious living worldwide, Imagine that each day we take a different note from that instrument and check its in tune with all the other notes so it can be played to its own unique symphony, no matter that some notes may have been broken before.


The shakti anand gathering is a celebration of our humanity and designed to work deeply to alignhuman energy and at the same time to be at peace with ALL of our SELVES as we take personal responsibility for our lives energetically vibrating beings with mystics, singers, scientists, musicians, dancers, vedic & shamanic healers plus much more. We are not preachers and are humble mirrors and collectively one, we do not wish to form yet another opportunistic organization based on hierarchical spirit of guru and desciple, its a collective conscious gathering of equals to harness the human energy to its fullest potential using the divine feminine universal life force ‘shakti’ to create bliss ‘anand’


Our existing conscious Co-Sponsors:

Rise up Festival Ibiza,

The shift Networks Yoga Day Summit

We will maintain integrity on the intimacy of these global shakti anand gatherings and will only ever have 70 people at any given shakti anand gathering. We are a small close knit family of shakti who show courage to Kriyas(actions) conscious living, and are building a community where we can be a support network for one another as a family is.

All the presence holders and conscious co-sponsors will share the shakti anand gathering with their networks. We welcome your organization to our shakti anand movement for conscious living and can help bring your product and message to the interested participants who will be attending from all over the world. We also appreciate your sharing of the event to your network to help us bring kriyas conscious living to more people.

Be sure to review the shakti anand gathering page  where you’ll learn all about how this conscious cosponsors works and about the incredible opportunity to be part of kriyasconscious living movement. Your organization will benefit in the following ways:

Affiliate revenue - you will earn 7% of the revenue from ticket sales to anyone you refer in the shakti anand gathering indigo package.

Visibility and exposure - your company logo on the website plus a clickable link in the shakti anand gathering emails.

Opportunity to donate a product or piece of content that will be included in the shakti anand gathering Indigo Package.

To participate in the shakti anand gathering indigo package, we’ll need your agreement that you will deliver the following: 

One dedicated email blast about the shakti anand gathering during the promotional period of June 1st-28th to your mailing list of 5000 or more. We will provide template copy you can edit to fit your company voice.

A two sentence announcement and graphic included in one of your standard promotional newsletters.

1 - 3 social media posts/shares (and boost the posts, if on Facebook). All click-throughs and subsequent user upgrades will result in affiliate revenue commissions. Graphic and copy will be provided by us

The other standard red package is more straightforward;

Red conscious co sponsors are all aligned organizations with an email list of 5,000 or larger and it can bring your organization many benefits including:


●  Broad exposure for your organization through prominent placement of your logo and tagline

●  Direct web traffic back to your site from the conscious co-sponsor page

●  Additional credibility by being associated with a global conscious living movement


Your organization can decide and let us know which of the 2 red or indigo packages best serves your needs. There is no financial commitment required but rather a dedicated email to your database (between June 1st and June 28th and 15th to 31st august) 

Together we can make a melody of different sounds based on the one instrument the ‘shakti’ life force as a gathering towards Kriyas Conscious Living

Please let us know if you have any specific questions and if you wish to participate in the group conscious co sponsor meeting on 24/5/2017 with your questions.


Jai Guru Dev

Presence Holders 

Shakti Anand gathering 

kriyas conscious living


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