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Shakti prem anand is making herself personally available to work at a deeper level to effect consciousness shift for those who are ready to awaken their hearts And themselves to live from a whole new vibrational frequency. 

To absolute manifesting and creating their lives, are not purely selfishly motivated as I don’t wish to waste my time or yours and who are the true lovers of planet, people and above all themselves. 

Shakti prem anand helps people to transform the self, who am i?  Through higher wisdom, intuition, psychic transmissions,  meditation, chakra energy and personal development, love plus much more tools unknown and just experienced as knowledge awakens so they get zest, clarity awaken to live their life from joy, love and peace. 

This mentoring is for real leaders of change as this is deep work and spaces are limited. 

This clip about her is taken from her video online Kriya yoga but shakti prem anand is not just another commercial yogi, she has returned after her journey to only effect those people personally guided to her by her own teachers. 

In her words ‘20 years ago I watched my beautiful radiant mother dying in London after being diagnosed of terminal  tongue cancer. I saw her physical life deteriorate, yet her mental life as a joyful, soulful and loving human being did not change in-spite of her not being able to speak, eat or move, she died 6 months after her diagnosis. She diid all this with such grace, compassion and inner strength, with little fear or anxiety, I was inspired to find out how to get this for myself.

I travelled the world Thailand, Tibet, Israel, India, Nepal, USA, London to learn from teachers known and unknown on yoga, meditation, energy, and personal development. I did this all for myself to get this inner strength love peace and joy and then 3 years ago set up Yoga I AM and in 2017 created a yoga alliance accredited teachers training of 200 hours, over 21 days, now from 2019 available online.

I found not all wanted to be yoga teachers and many wanted the toolkit to apply to their passion to effect their world their way as leaders and mostly servants of the world which is what i prefer to call them. 

The teachings are a non cult practical self transformational yoga. They encompass conscious breath work, kriyas from himalaya lineage, yoga flow, affirmations, chakras energy body, and a bespoke awareness of your inner body, intuition, knowledge wisdom, personal transmissions.’ 

We hold a one on one consultation call so if you feel a connection click below and book and send us your details to schedule a consultation and see if this is right for us both so we can design a bespoke mentoring program for you which can be 6m or 1 year.  Complete the form below and send us a time and date slot on wednesdays or sunday evenings to schedule a call.

Please book so we can send you an invite, this is for only a limited number of people due to capacity of my time so only serious people who are serving the world can apply. 

Public speaking

Shakti is the author of 2 books Living from the heart and E2B Successful Heart Leaders, currently she is working on her 3rd book ‘Force of Love’.

To invite her to speak at your event drop an email.