Shakti Anand Orphanage

To have a school for orphaned children from 7 years upwards, accommodating 100 children, the school would have yoga and coaching discipline as part of the school curriculum. The preferred location would be Goa or North India near the Himalayas.
Sponsored yoga teachers and coaching professionals would volunteer their services to go to India for 1 to 2 weeks on an ongoing basis.
Two teachers from the school would be trained as professional coaches, and would train other team members.
Initially this will be tried out in one orphanage and once the model is up and running it would be extended to other areas around India .

This is a 3 year project.
We hope to raise the funds through 2006 and 2007. Our target is £100,000. Purchase site in 2008 and erect school with accommodation. Operational 2009

We would need to raise £100,000 for land and building acquisition, training of teachers etc ongoing funds would be available via sponsorships from other coaches, yoga teachers and corporate sponsors.

Orphanage Structure
A registered charity trust in the UK. This has currently 3 trustees, anyone wishing to be a trustee should make contact with one of the trustees.

Various sub-committees are to be created namely in the areas listed below;
1. Fundraising
2. Marketing
3. IT design and maintenance of website
4. Administration and finance and banking etc
5. Strategy, planning
6. Local sourcing in India for site and making contacts in designated location.
7. Charity compliance
8. Corporate sponsors
9. School curriculum and teachers training and hiring
The above sub committees need filling, any interested parties should make contact with one of the trustees.

Orphanage Model
To create empowered children who have a self disciplined approach to living and who can emotionally manage their lives.The tools will come from coaching and yoga philosophy.

Shira Bassi, tel +44 (0)7974 813890
Zara deMontigny, tel +44 (0) 7932562816
Jaimal, tel +44 (0) 7956391345