Giving with expectation of returns and own interest

Today in my meditation practice, it occurred to me that there has become the looking good of 'giving' Almost similar to the concept of buy 1 get 1 1 and donate to charity..

How the times are full of satisfying our own egos and believeing we are doing good..someone even said to me that by donating he will have salvaged his own soul when they we are buying our souls..its not a commodity..yet in our 21st society we make every transaction a quid pro quo...'whats in it for me' syndrome...

There is a choice in our comes with our intention of purpose which is to serve humanity without consideration for self.

Doing good in the world for the sake of serving humanity is GREAT no matter whatever the intention behind it!!!

However to truly blossom from this act of giving its the intention of selflessness which is important.

In our own growth and aspirations if we have that at the back of our thoughts then our giving no matter how small or large will have the same impact.