Attraction from inside to outside

I have just given a workshop in London on our 'Experience the centre' retreats, the next one is a weekend retreat in London on November, and I am looking for volunteers who are willing to come and be of service, drop me a line through

I realised from doing this, what we view is filtered by our beliefs and our experiences and over and above all that, its who we represent internally to ourselves, is what we attract.Let me repeat WHO WE ARE INTERNALLY IS WHAT WE ATTRACT!!!

Internal representation of ourselves is exactly what these workshops are designed to bring to amazing is it that in growth of all those that attended I learnt my biggest lesson of this year.!! Step into it girl...own it...its time...the universe is showing you that if you dont the lesson will keep repeating again and again...Yet again being reminded by the universe. Playing full out in life requires the fullness of oneself inside and the full realisation and belief around that, otherwise you attract exactly what you are.....

So in preparation for India in mid october retreat I will be approaching the concept in a completely different find out how you can be involved with India retreats drop me a line through

love & light

Shakti shira