Attraction from Me to you and you to me

Its all in the cells, in our thoughts and it begins with the feelings.

What you feel you draw closer, sounds simple and it is.

Yet how many of us actually believe it? Like Really own it that we truly only ever meet ourselves!!!!

Its too simple I hear you say? what else is the law of attraction...if not this...

The vibrational frequency of you meets me and if its the same it will come closer and if not it repels. So you only ever have yourselves to blame.

Where is the evidence for all this, its in your inner beingness. Go to the point of who you truly are and you will see that there is only ever the oneness once the layers are peeled, the ego stands in the way, our identity wants to rule and form itself, so that the true you is left deep inside neglected.

What is the energy vibration of this frequency of oneness, science would indeed have achieved enlightenment if this was identified.

I was always drawn to a quote by Rumi 'somewhere between the knowing and not knowing is a place I will meet you there' only now am I beginning to understand this in my reality of life.

Love & light
Shakti shira