From Stilletoes to hiking boots to the holy centre of Mt Kailash

I am looking to write this book and would welcome any comments from those of you have written a book before and also if you have any contacts in the publishing world.

Still working on the title....

Yes its decided I will do this book and will be starting it before my Trek....hey ho

I am leaving for India on 25th August and will attempt to start this now.

Its exciting!! I would so love to hear what would inspire you from reading about a journey to the spiritual centre of the Earth.

Also I would welcome communication from those of you who have been on a similar journey or are thinking about it.

I am very conscious as I write this to you all, I have made a huge commitment.

Also I notice that its not the object but the subject ie oneself thats important....the desire is not in the getting to Mt Kailash...and in fact its to let go of even that...

Meanwhile love yourselves...

Shakti shira