Faith and Trust in ourselves and our life purpose

Its a wonderful life when we start to let go of the expectations and yet I have goals I hear you say..true and yet its the attachement to them not the goal.

With my Mt kailash Trek I am looking to reschedule with a Nepalese tour opearator if its meant to be, as the uk operator could not do it due to Tibet visa restrictions from the UK. mind started to imagine all the people I had let down and all the years energy into this and thinking what a waste..then I reconnected to my inside self..not the object outside..and I let it go and actually it made it perfect sense this way!!

You see the reason for me doing Mt Kailash this year was so that I could configure for a group next year to raise funds for shakti anand orphanage. This way I research more local guides and ways instead of just going for the easisest UK route. I hear you say are you just justifying? Maybe I am...and I am learning thats always just exactly it is now..

When I return from India and the Trek I know that weekend retreat on the 28th November in London is going to be amazing for those that attend and I only have 10 spaces, if you book in August yo get an early bird discount of 10%.
Take a look and book to reserve your discounted place.

I trust and believe that if I am on my truth it will unfold and reveal itself...its the universal law....what is this purpose? for each its unique...come to experience the centre retreat to find out more....

joy and contentment
shakti shira