The journey to the centre of the earth Mt Kailash aka Mt Meru...with grace alone can this journey be made

Since the announcement of the cancellations by 99% of the foreign and Nepalese tour operators to Mt Kailash needless to say I was going through a mixture of emotions. All official tours sare saying 2009...stay where you are.

However, the situation is not over until its over...there is a glimmer of light still...I questioned myself many times should I go for it..what if its a complete waste..finally after much introspection I am going not knowing that Kailash or Tibet will happen. I can get as far as Nepal and from there its completely upto the universe. Even my fitness regime was dampened, consoling myself with bucket fulls of chocolate and cakes...all manner of sugar intoxication!

I have never just gone into the unknown in this way before, there has always been at least a skeleton outline and alone...panick, alarm,insanity were the voices in my head..its gratifying that my insane mind was put aside and my heart won the day...I am going and depart the UK on the 24th August arriving in Nepal on 27th August.

I am filled with love and a complete letting go..who knows maybe this was the ultimate lesson...let go of the results of the fruits of our actions, and yet to do the action..

I am scared..not really..however..I do feel a kind of wonder setting deep inside me..which was not there..I am not being clear since it comes and goes..its like being amazed at the birth of a child or watching the first snowflake fall from the sky.

My journey of 1000 miles has started with the first step so to speak...

It will be sometime since we reconnect.

Take care to all of you from all of me.

love joy peace..and laughter

Stay light
shakti shira