Mt Kailash calling?

So I get a phonecall to say Mt Kailash Trek from the UK is not possible since the chinese embassy have made it such that they physically want the passports 5 days ahead of the vsit. My trek is due to start on 5th September.

My reaction..gutted..yet again the attachment comes to surface..yikes still needs managing!!!!! so letting go once committed is f** crucial still not learnt the lesson.

AND does the universe really not want it...doesnt appear that flight to India was booked ahead of the trek at the end of August, so that I could check out the progress on the childrens charity centre in Goa for which the land was acquired in April 2008 and then make my way over to Kathmandu for the trek.

Also its not such you cannot get into Tibet, just that the tour operators need to get the tourist permit and they can only do this locally 5 days ahead with passport.

So CALMLY i finally let it go and offer trust once again to the universal see if it was really not would have been a closed door, and it wasnt.

So....lets see..and also let it go...

The paradox of intention and manifesting...focused non attached execution!!!

Meanwhile there are much realisations going on for me...wait for the book..

As a friend said to me who is out in India and coincidentally was coming back from Nepal that day to Delhi said, it makes much better reading..with all the twists and turns..

Joy and contentment
shakti shira