Shakti Anand - childrens centre charity update

To dear supporters,

I will be in India from mid august again and am refelecting on our progress so far...

Before I give you the update let me tell you this story. A gorgeous girl of about 12 years with 2 pigtails, a wide smile and deep brown almond eyes...came to me begging on the beach..and penetratingly asked 'Didi will you buy my jewellery today?' I replied tomorrow I will for sure..she looked back and said 'promise didi...I know you will honour your promise' I replied 'I promise, the same spot'

That promise was made to not just all the street kids who work for a living and are used as child labour.

Their gift is their complete love and giving of themselves, they know how to share who they are inorder to make a living to survive. Its charismatic and inviting...yet still people turn away and there is a story in India that its the mafia ring who run them its organised crime..even if it is its still unjust..and a blind eye to it will not make it go away.

I have not managed to reach my target of the amount I had expected to raise from the Mt Kailash trek and am unable to do this year what I had hoped which was to start a single building where the children could that as it may..I am letting it go since I have come to know that my service requires my non-attachment to the fruits but not to the action.

I had even joined an organisation which I thought was philanthropic and entreprenurial at the same time,thinking they would be able to help. I made some amazing connections but I believe their message is only for their own pet charities not for other charities. My sole reason for joining was to help get some funding for our charity,I am not a networker and am wondering if I should still remain, I will leave it for the relationships that come forth to help me decide.

So enough there, what are the gains so far...well
1. We have the site, and can start to build a single building to help us get started
2. I have a great primary school teacher on board here in the UK who is helping to create the program so we can 'train the trainers' teachers, carers etc
3 Have made wonderful connections with 2 amazing childrens charities who we are working closely with us to roll out these programs in India.
4.The logistics in India, banl account, charity status etc are done

whats next?
On this trip, it will be a shorter trip as have to make arrangements for Mt Kailash;
1.I will be looking for a local right hand connection it maybe we partner with another charity
2.Do some work with these 2 charities in Rishikesh and in Goa
3. Create some profile in the village where our site is in Biochilim, Goa.
4. Look at options of localised funding
5. Get to see the designs..hopefully of the building

I want to add this is all of our mission, not mine please do send me your suggestions, your words and your spirit.

Above all is to remember that its by grace we live and execute..all we can do is the effort and remain positive and fulfilled in accepting what is and however that shows up.

with gratitude
love,joy and peace
shakti shira