Landing in Mumbai on 15th Aug - trek to Kailash?

All packed with my mountain hiking gear, not knowing if the trek to Mt Kailash was going to transpire, due to the politics of the chinese embassy over Tibet. I knew I had a ticket to Kathmandu, Nepal from Mumbai.

Upon landing, I felt quite foolish since everyone had said wait till next year, it will be much easier. Those that know me well, will tell you that logic and reason are not Shira's bedfellows.

I could have waited and wasted the ticket to India and cancelled, I decided to roll the dice and leave it all entirely to destiny, knowing I had 2 months, and nothing else planned except the attempt to get to Kailash, Shiva permitting.

As always in India, the heart warms, the anxieties wash away, as if all the sadhus and saints greet you upon arriving to the spiritual land of the world. I felt completely at ease and trusted the unknown. I did not even have the hostel booked, since I wanted to completely let go, and it was my way of giving myself permission to trust.

I stayed for 2 nights having arrived at almost midnight, in the Cafeteria a modest guest house at the domestic terminal, since my flight to Nepal was via Delhi.

I met a friend for dinner and discussed setting up a coaching community in India for CTI, and then departed off to Nepal, Kathmandu again not knowing where I would stay or for how long.

I had been in contact with a trekking organisation there, they picked me from the airport. He suggested I go to Mustang in Nepal, its similar to Tibet, Kailash. I softly said thanks and its just Kailash. He said it was impossible all tour operators had pulled out, no one except the Indians could get visas. Moreover no one could even enter Tibet.

I was not deflated, as I had no expectation and was open to receive whatever showed up. He was a very young handsome tour operator, whose father was Nepalese and mother was german and he completely understood, his family were the original tour operators having taken many expeditions to Mt Kailash since the last 30 years.

I booked into the Shangri la, Kathmandu for a night,and sought inspiration by meditating.

shakti shira