I travel onwards.

So my adventure of trusting the journey to Mt Kailash was to renounce myself and let go completely of my 'doingness' as I was out of the way events unfolded as I would never have imagined. I visited such holy places and met some amazing humans who showed me the way of 'being'

As I now sit in my lounge almost a week in the UK, still recovering from the flu!!! I am at ease knowing that plans are made by humans to feel safe. There is a comfort associated with what we believe we know, yet do we?

My travel showed me the road less travelled, which is to allow events to unfold at each moment and to accept that without judgement.

I have never had such a bad flu as this in my entire life, I have only ever had it for a day...a dear friend says its cleansing, and about letting go..perhaps its true...certainly my body is releasing, the old physiology is undoing itself.

After a day at Shangri la, I decide to move to a modest guest house in the centre of Kathmandu, awaiting my Visa into Tibet. My tour guide tells me its unlikely and they will try and I will know for a week. Kathmandu is lovely and noisy, so I decide to go to Pokhara towards the himalaya range to do a short 5 day trek in the Annapurna valley.I travelled by bus and it was the monsoon season still, so the roads were still flooded. Eventually 8 hours later we arrived, needless to say its very tranquil with a beautiful lake and there is a temple in the middle of the lake.

By the lake I burst into tears...I did not know that this was the beginning of many tears I would shed without knowing why, until much later.