Tears of ??? attempted journey to Mt Kailash and back

From darkness to light, from heaviness to joyfulness, today is a day of liberation. Its Diwali when Rama returned from his exile after 40years to claim his kingdom.

Many yaggas and homas are performed to create the intention for ones life on this day in many hindhu homes.

My intention is to honour myself in all that I do with honesty, even though that may take me to some unknown places.

So I have arrived back to the UK on friday, am bunged up with the a flu, sore throat and runny nose.

I wanted to write sooner and am in recovery still, however I had to write to you all today, to wish you all that you want for yourselves and much more, since we always hold ourselves back and are not always aware of our full potential.

I will fill you in on the adventure to this great holy mountain over the coming days/weeks and what transpired with me.

Today I wish peace in your hearts, laughter from your mouth and love from your eyes.

May you shine bright and be infectious like my cold.

peace, love & light