Peace in every thought

Since being back only 2 weeks I am noticing the buzz around, its every where from the latest bond movie to just traffic...and this energy drain...needs replenishing..

We are a ball of energy..and if its constantly going out in our worries about money, relationships, looking cool...attending the best seminar, being part of the self promoting society,the ever hungary ego...its depleting who your real self is...what is your real purpose? Are you following someone elses dream?Are you in lie with yourself?

I have to constantly check in and remind myself of my purpose which is to serve others to be the best in their lives so they are outstanding at being human..not as carbon copies..

There is my vision through nurture life
which is to get people to experience their core selves by peeling away the anxieties and stresses so they are clear and resourceful about their purpose. I call it 'experience the centre'

Is this life important enough to you?
Do you want decisions that are real and honest and coming from a place of who you are are and not someone else?

Dont hesitate send the email to and make your booking and payment.

It excites me to be of service.

with love, peace and light
shakti shira