Tears of love heading to unknown territories and in pursuit of getting to Mt Kailash

Throughout the Annapurna trek I was constantly in ecstasy, there was a merging with the elements and the only expression was tears. I did not know this until much later when I was in Rishikesh meditating by the Ganga. This continued in all the monastaries I attended in Lhasa, Tibet. In fact I actually thought there was something wrong and asked many Swamis I met on route to help me understand, Sivananda, divine life society in Rishikesh, swami chidanand saraswatiji in Rishikesh, they all looked at me with a loving smile and no intellect understanding.

I had picked up a book stating that the Ganga is safe to drink and swim and scientists had performed tests after having a body which had polio was cremated and its ashes put into the Ganga, and the water directly below this was absolutely germ free. This gave me the confidence to go into the waters and drink it, and immediately after I meditated there. From that wonderful experience which will remain with me for countless lives, I acknowledged I was in love with god, and my tears were the expression of that in the human form. Yes that daring word God, who is inside us all and it was ok to tell that to the world and to no longer camouflage it in my yoga, coaching, service...since I was looking for outlets to display my deep connection with theis spirit inside me and inside everyone.

So the journey to Mt Kailash indeed led me to myself, the chineses did me a huge favour by making it impossible to get to Mt Kailash this year.

Next year, I am organising a 3 week trek during september 2009, so all my experiences were to lead me to this point, where I would be taking a group there not as myself and as a servant of God. Yes I now feel confident to write this...in this 21st century where we think we are manifesting we could not be far from the truth, without grace and without giving up the fruits of our action we are just adding to the illusion.

In his/her service
with love
shakti shira