The detached approach....what is it? The centre what is it?

I have been swinging in the dance of 'in' and 'out' of life, attached and then detached and then awakened. Neither 'in' or 'out' served ,both follow the principle of 'pain and pleasure' The space between the two is the real key.

A desireless state is not what life is about. In fact quite the reverse, desire and fulfill all your desires and more.The only take is to remove yourself! Yes its called being in the notion that I am the instigator and the doer, give up the doership and attachment ceases, give up the fruits and the attachment ceases. Aspire to as many goals without the feeling that I am doing this or that, in other words the ego, and you will find joy in simply observing the dew on a branch to creating a multimillion pound company or setting up an orphanage!!!

So its not running away and changing again and again or hiding in the mountains in the Himalayas or a foreign land, its recognising the constant in yourself and honouring the spaces between the changes and the remembrance of the universal flow.

This is not external. The responsibility is not yours or out there. Its the paradox of paradoxes. There is no responsibility there is only this moment. The awareness itself is all that is. It flows. The recognition of this moment and its expansion throughout your life with no ego is transcending beyond the detached approach. Only experience of this place which I call the 'centre' can bring peace when all around is chaos. It has also been termed the 'eye of the storm'

I always come back to the one line that stuck with me as a child and still does and is the centre its by Rumi 'somewhere between the knowing and the not knowing is a place, I will meet you there' I am learning to experience this more and more and to live by it. 2009 will be for me the manifestation of that kind of living since in 2008 I was given the experience of it.

Dubai India or any other place is no longer a prerequisite for me to be me. I will continue to use London as my base, and travel elsewhere as required.

So there will be Business retreats, Business coaching for leaders, Executive coaching, Meditation and chanting workshops, Experience the centre workshops for individuals, Leadership treks to far off places and London will be my home for 2009.

I love our creation and its warts and all even the credit crunch!! Mostly I love the people for 2009 my message through 'Experience the centre' is to spread the self love in each one of us so we can sparkle like a jewel.

Joy, love, peace and harmony to you all
Shakti shira