To Trust or not to trust?

This has been one topic which all year has been rearing its head in many different ways.

To trust means what?

I realised its subjective and unique nature. Trust for each person has its distinctive feature. Yet its one area of our life which reflects personal individual beliefs and values being honoured, since when they are trampled upon we feel hurt or upset. When the integrity in ourselves and what we are doing is misaligned there is mistrust.

So could trust arise where there is a resonance of beliefs and values?

I came upon a concept suggesting that trust can only be of ourselves and not of anyone or anything external, which again reflects our values and beliefs.

Thus becoming upset or hurt was only ever with myself since the values in me were not reflected externally in another person, event or circumstance.
Also there is the attachment to the situation having to be a certain prescriptive way, to honour the identity made of values. The identity is ego.

To overcome the situations where the trust was shaken, disturbed or removed meant detaching from myself as the identity since the external environment was not in my control. Managing oneself is the only control possible.

This in itself led to a further realisation that such events allowed for enormous moments of self growth. To remove and detach from the situation meant going beyond the ego or identity.

Such mistrusting possibilities are there to further our path to self realisation as they give real life scope for going beyond our limits of self.

Trust is limiting. Mistrust allows for expansion, if it comes back to trust operating from an inclusive self.