Moment to moment living whilst reflecting on the past and looking ahead to the future

Its that time of the year when we all reflect on the past and plan ahead with new resolves. This is wonderful AND its equally important to remember that the movement of time is from the stream of present moments.

Once the goals are set and the 2009 plan is created and you have put in all of the powers of attraction and intentions, then let it go.

If you still are hankering for the past relationships, the job, the house become stale. Similarly if you are intent on finding the most amazing realtionship, the dream job etc you are missing the present moment.

It takes some practice in living in what is...and acceptance probably more than planning and remembering the past. If you want to be truly contented and happy then acquiring this way of living is fundamental.

I studied yoga with Sivananda many years ago in Kerala, at the time i just felt good doing it, not knowing I do. Since the last 2 years life has taken me to be in India for charity and business leadership & coach training and there was a lot of moving around between countries and cities, I was only in one place for about 3 weeks, my asana practice (yoga moves) became erratic.

Although I now no longer teach regular classes my resolution for 2009 is to bring back yoga into my life as workshops since the benefit is immense in allowing the occurrence of present moment existence, which is the reason why you feel so good or traumatised after yoga asana practice. You feel good since you start to have a taste of present day living. You feel traumatised since it could be very unusual for your mind and body to experience being in the now.

The reason why yoga is effective in accessing present moment living is beacause it works at a cellular level of memory.

I will be holding workshops that integrates this mapping that yoga allows with developing peoples intentions for ther lives to create cellular imprints, it will be called 'Yoga with Intent'

May you all shine your own special glow in 2009