Resonance in teams and a collective conscience

I have started a journey to create a business of empowering peoples lives through using all of who I am from the corporate chartered accountant, Prince 2 project manager, MBA graduate, divorcee, single mother, yoga teacher, meditator, executive coach, leadership developer, teams developer using strengths deployment inventory, business coach and an individual who strives to live in the world with integrity. What does this all so powerful word integrity mean? To have integrity is to have morals, virtues, ethics,sincerity,truthfulness etc Its a relationship to oneself in my view, it reflects to the world who you are. One persons integrity could differ from anothers.

Of all the hats I wear the one which resonates most is integrity. Everything else was borrowed. Enabling others to untap their unlimited source for me is the ability to get them to have integrity with themselves. Only once integrity for who one is, gets recognised, can we effectively have the right people around us. Its knowing what you are, which once recognised as your intrinsic truth will then self generate a vibration which in turn will lead to the team around you who reflect back to you your vision of yourself. Where there is doubt in this area then confusion arises. Its as if your reflection in the mirror is blurred, so to clean up the mirrors surface you need to see who is the one that is ACTUALLY looking. If its a distorted self then the mirror will continue to be blurred and the integrity will be blurred.

This is not the same as saying they are like you, in fact if that was the case the team would be ineffective.

The resonance is at a deeper core level, dare I say at a soul level. The vibration of the frequency of your thoughts, your actions and your beliefs if they are not true to who you are at that source level, will continue to draw energies around you until you learn the lessons to get to yourself as you are.

The spoken word is the key to our lives in how we relate to others, its the language that conveys who we are, when only 7% meaning is attached to the words their relevance is important. So if 93% is visual and represents to the world what we are so that we are not misunderstood, its obvious to get clear on the message signals we are emitting. This is by who is around us? Who are the people that you most respect? Are they in your life? What are the people around you saying about you? Is that who you actually are or is the mirror still blurred?

You might wonder what has this to do with the title of teams and collective conscience. Well my experience is that society teaches us to be self made and independent and this is possible except in business creation. Here the energy shifts since its about drawing others who share your vision of what you are about. So until I cleared up for myself that I am in the playground of shifting lives/businesses in service to myself and that entailed all of me, not just swapping hats which i can di very well, then i was still trapped in the murkiness of the mirrors reflection. To get back a clear reflection I had to clean up myself so that the signals I was sending were in resonance. I am not an opportunist business person there. I am at the core a woman who is serving people to influence their lives and businesses from integrity to themselves. Only then can the resonance and the teams rally round.

The collective conscience is crucial to success for anyone, and without integrity to oneself no amount of collectivity will work.

With love