When all around is love expressed!!

Imagine that you were in harmony with the present moment as it occurred, with no resistance!!!

Life flows when there is acceptance of what is. How many times a day do you wish you were with someone, somewhere else, doing something different? Yes and this is what destroys the peace of mind.

When we truly let go of the attachment to be other than in this moment as its experienced then happiness results. Have a go, just stop and really allow yourself to be present in whatever you are doing and notice the difference in your being.

If you wish to take this a step further, give expression to your being in love with a universal force thats emanating from within you outwards. Its like the glow and lightness of being in love, the first kiss, that aliveness and transcendal moment.

How many of you would cherish to have that last? Well you can, it starts by you loving all of who you are first and then feeling empty of thoughts,judgements, beliefs, desires etc sounds impossible I hear you say, not so, and it does take practice.

Once experienced the universal love is beyond all else, the need to be quenched by one person will seem insignificant.

Nature allows us to have such moments.

I am organising a group trek to the Mt Everest Base, Himalayas, Nepal from 20th September 2009 for 20 days with the emphasis being on expereincing the above and much more individual personal growth. If you are interested then drop me a line to register your interest and I can send you further details. enq@nurturelifecentre.com

Shakti shira