Seeking meditation? Spiritual Institutions and the economics..

There is an economics at play with gurus? What would you say?

We are charged to have learning and there is no ROI yet they expect us to value it as one and the same. There are 'presidents' of the organisation and its littered with fragile human egos. The message gets lost with the messenger often because of this fraility.

We are here in our 21st century seeking enlightenment, our old barriers have fallen with the election of the first US black president.

The banks are crumbling, the world is no longer able to trust those we put faith in, to steer our economics.

Is it time to shake up our spiritual institutions? Are we in need of an Obama in our spiritual organisations. The church, the temples, the new age gurus from the east all profess to offer enlightenment, yet how many of us have given ourselves fully to it. Do we just dip our toes in the belief that possibly it might be of benefit? Is there a small part that doubts their authenticity and the truth is not there? So we restrain. Who decides the price of enlightenment or the road to it? Deepak Chopra, Sadhguru Jaggi, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the TM organisation of Mahirishi, how do they arrive at such a varying price range? Surely if they are in the market place which they are undeniably, getting our interest and awareness aroused by marketing efforts then should we also not know what we are getting in return.

Do these institutions require regulations If the companies and charities require it, should they not also? How can we get quality assurance from the spiritual organisations?

No denying their huge efforts at helping, so do charities and their mission and purpose is clear, how can enlightenment be made clearer so we can consider who to go with at the outset.

Is this not a regulated club of sorts. Do this course and then you can come in otherwise you are an outsider, when did spirituality ever turn anyone away from its doors. Were the masters of the old not always available to the poor? Are the current masters of the east only available to the rich and famous for their vast donations?

I read Shekar Kapoor got an invite to Sadhguru Jaggis shivratri celebrations last year, I have heard that no one can attend satsangs without having done his course first. Is it not an economic playground for them? Is their spirituality sold?

So lets open this up, what and who determines the economics of spiritual seeking? who is regulating this? Peoples lives are exposed.

Truthful seeking does not always have a price tag. its free for all, and there are organisations out there that make no economics on this, Brahma Kumaris, Radha Swamis, churches, Buddhist monastries and temples.

Looking around as I was and seeking to be more enlightened and spiritually tuned, my journey over the last few years has put me in touch with many current day 'gurus'

There is no spirtual enlightenment check up YET, how many people that have gone through these paths have come out enlightened?

Compassion, integrity, honesty, fairness, love for all as equals,helping fellow man without expectation,harmonious living, inner growth of the individual in these components, the values are the same. Should we not be questioning our new age gurus to account on their spiritual endevours and be transparent in these areas, so we can assess their pricing and ROI since they have put themselves in the market place.

We have all come to realise they offer a way of living that is unique, so its time for them to show that its working with numbers, some of them are in the economics of spirituality.