To create..power of intention..the manifesting culture

What is it to intend? To manifest our reality is in vogue. The secret stirred a revolution of thought. What does this style of thinking entail?

Does it appear too simple? Truth often is simple, its the mind that complicates with thinking. Is there not a paradox then lurking behind this phenomena?

What is the difference in doing being and creating? There are 3 types of engagement to life, and a lot more, but lets stay with these 3.

In doing there is the task at hand, and its the enagagement to the activity from a mind and execution level. (A rajasic viewpoint to life for the yogis)

In being there is an embodiment in the body and presence not so much a doing mode of behaviour, almost a letting go. (A tamasic view)

Then there is the creation mode, where we think our lives and make it happen. (A satvic view)

Each of the above in isolation would get you to your desired success/goals and in a limited context. There is an unlimited context which requires expression beyond these 3 states.

If you were cooking a meal for example. The doing mode would be to go out and buy the ingredients and start to cook them. The being mode is to hover in the vicinity of food and yet not to do anything. The creative mode is to realise the vision and think that the meal is cooked and laid out. The universal one controls all the other 3 modes and is unseen, it decides the menu, where, what, why, when how and who. Should the mind decide all this then the food cooked has a limited perspective.The thoughts and the mind do get involved once the perception is attained from the universal flow. The mind channels and coordinates the meal in doing, being and creating it after its perceived.

There is a stage beyond all these 3 which allows us to intend our goals and manifest without this final phase intending is abstract and limited. Its flowing from the concept of the doership which is outside of yourself and accessing this universal flow into your life, and then to apply all 3 states without attaching to the outcome. You need to be a saint? No just the practice of one is required. A way of living in universal principles of life and not individual ones is required to operate life in this way. This in turn requires a connection to yourself at a level of self realisation.

love and grace

shakti shira