Intellectual spiritual seeker?

Are you seeking the truth, as a camouflage for looking good and self righteous?

What are your outward displays towards other human relations?

Do you ask forgiveness?
Do you stop to lend a helping hand?
Do you wonder what you could do to alleviate anothers pain?
Do you go that extra mile to be with someone who needs support?
Do you turn a blind eye to injustice?

or are your motives from an isolated selfish motive of salvation? The save me culture. What are the things I must do for myself so i can know what to do to arrive at salvation?

Have we in the west in our quest for truth just transplanted our intellect concepts to the spiritual realm, as another graduation school!!

What is loves expression? Can you love unconditionally another human being? Is surrender of yourself to the good of another too difficult to grasp?

Stop living the lie. Look around and see if its manifesting the spirit in your interactions. The statues and temples do not need your devotion as much as the living man.