'I have everything I need' said the 12 year girl Suzanne?!!

Its been banding around in my mind since I had actually heard it and more so since my arrival back home in London.

So I am sharing this very profound statement.

We were doing a shoot of the slums to promote awareness for our social enterprise Shakti Anand Trust. This needs heavy editing still.

In one part of the shoot I asked the children what is it they actually need us to do for them? This tall slim girl in pigtails tentatively raised her hand, I said tell us what we can we do for you? Her response made me appreciate life itself and the power beyond desires. Suzanne, I think they give you western names to make easy for us to pronounce thats another story. A huge beaming smile and almond shaped eyes, she humbly answered, 'we have everything' Indeed they have humanity.

These children work the beaches in Goa and work 12 hour days and dont go to school they live in make shift accomodation and come from Karnataka for the tourist season.

love grace