Mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all??

The attitudes of ourselves to others is us meeting ourself. This is the truest of all relationships, the relationship to self and its this that we reflect outwardly.

Aa a yoga therapist & life coach clients say to me this happened to me. There is a separation of I and You.

What if the You and the I are the same reflection? The yoga asanas, breath work is designed to tame the physical and emotional body to allow us to reach beyond to the spiritual astral body. We are human 'work in progress' I take them back to this personal relationship to the self.

The self realisation process is before the god realisation process. My work with my clients takes steps to their core identity as they see it, since thats the determining factor of how they relate to others in the world in their relationships.

We seek enlightenment some of us, yet the first task is to seek yourself.

I have just written a book which should be available from Amazon by mid November called 'Living from the heart' It looks at our relationship to self.

with love grace
shakti shira