Namaste - The divine in me greets the divine in you! Handshake that rules in india.

All throughout my travels from Kashmir, Delhi, Mumbai and Goa the common form of greeting was the, you guessed it? A handshake!

Here I was in the land of my birth, wanting a deep connection to the spirit that is india.

The handshake is symbol which is very corporate having its origins from the knights. It was a gesture of trust saying I am unarmed, so you may safely let me approach, as 2 hands united without arms and created harmony from fear. The handshake is about equality of 2 people from a physical outer level.

Namaste derives from the Anjali mudra and is a heartfelt greeting. There is a hand mudra and a mantra. The hand gesture could even be raised to the ajna chakra the third eye. Its symbolic for the unity of man. An internalising we are one. Namaste is a gesture which is gracious and offers humility to another. Its an inner connection from within.

What happened was I would respond with a Namaste and it alarmed the indians who were so used to handshakes!

Back in London to use Namaste in a corporate setting would be strange unless I was on a Co - active training coaching where heartfelt gestures are the norm.