'Love and be loved'

Friends have been asking what doess this phrase mean shira you have written on skype and your blog?

I wrote this when i set up skype some years ago now,5 years i think and have been on my own journey to realise what it is. The purpose of you is constantly knocking on your door and giving signals to your life, for me this was one such knock on the door of love.

Love and be loved is the expression of self less giving of the unity of mans expression in everday engagements in the world.

How is the key? Saluting in words, heart and vision and recognising that our expression of humanity exists in our behaviours towards others that is the purpose of love and be loved. Seeking out the best in others no matter what occurs and relentless forgiving. Obstacles arise from ones own making.

Life is nothing and everything expressed as love and be loved.

love grace