Wealth - what is the price for this in terms of human values?

Having returned from my trip of 2 years from spiritual/charitable pursuits, I am confronted everywhere of this concept of wealth. In london you cannot ignore it. Its in the air.

What is wealth? Was it designed for our use? Have we not become its servants. Gandhi was a symbol of simplicity, nobility, high values. Where are these icons in the modern world who create a fairer entrepreneurship? I wish to interview them as role models and raise their status so there is a balanced reflection of wealth which is not of selling ones core human values, in the true sense not just at a lip service. If you are one such person then contact me. I wish to create a book of such people. If you know such people then also please let me know.

Isn't there a saying 'put your money where your mouth is' How many entrepreneurs who are succesful can safely hold their hands up high and say they honour the human values in their dealings, with customers, partners, suppliers, and workers.

Such arrogance, fear, judgement and accolade for those that have to those that dont. Society has created its own slavery to wealth accumulation. Has it enahanced our quality of life or has it trapped us into a web, for which the only way out is to step off and then see it and then come back in knowing that you are the observer in the illusion of maya.

The icons are put on as new age gurus as success gets sold as a formula, with heavy duty marketing, money is the currency of the modern world, what place is there for human values amongst entrepreneurs, sure we have CSR and gift aid etc, is this not just the guilt trip like the husband who buys gifts for his wife, in the fear she might find out about his mistress.

I love money dont get me wrong, I am as much indulgent in luxury as the person next to me if not more so, AND what I have realised from having stepped off the treadmill for 2 years is that there is a pressure cooker effect happening. Without the wealth the basic sustenance is not possible. The fear eradicates core human values of compassion, respect, harmony, and a win win for all. As children we are taught to compare and seek honour, fame and its measurement is wealth.

If this offends I apologise in advance, however I make no apology for putting the question out there and calling forth the role models who are the entrepreneurs of tomorrow who create a win win society.

I am also aware that we project onto the world, could it be that our projection is selfish to the core as exemplified by the greed of the bankers!

love grace