Power of a woman.....

As i was skimming over vivekananda's writings, it occurred that he recommended woman as the powerhouse for society to function at its best. What a revelation.

Can we truly say that we respect our women?

Are we not beauty personified, for the lust of man as in the animal kingdom to continue the species? I hear most of you say no, yet ask any woman and the answer will be different. The gaze of lustful men who are unable to control their urges, seek to conquer and will use any means to get it their way, often controlling tactics.

Until society learns to respect the beauty of a woman at a distance and engage with honour women will be denied their full power.

Women are beauty personified and deserve admiration like all of nature, yet as is often the case we get trapped into a game of look at me by the women and a confusion by the men of all too often what that means.

As a society we owe our daughters, sisters and mothers a playground where they are safe to be women, gorgeous, adorable, feminine and all powerful.

love grace
shakti shira