Do you accept your self?

In an age of competition, where its not what you know but who knows you, does the self doubt creep in? Are you good enough? Most are wounded by a belief lurking in the misty waters of their mind, I am not good enough!! The hypnotic trance has a tool called ego strengthner which is very widely used amongst the therapists as they know the biggest downfall to success is the acceptance of one self.

If you are human then the majority would answer No to the question. you might just say yes if you see divinity in the self. Yet our growth of self arises only when we come through the doubt. This is not about winning or losing, since by what measurement is this acceptance of the self? There is none, yet acceptance of the self does give rise to success in the outside world.

You as 'the self' are the measurement of overcoming self doubt. When doubt is removed the self alone remains.

Is it not rather strange that our words contain the 'self' in self esteem, self realised, self reflection etc

Yet how many of us even look into the SELF? The mirror of you is everywhere, yet do you go inside the self?

The workbook of 'living from the heart' is to start that journey to the self.