Moved by an email from someone I have never met - I read it 3 times and had to share

Its only when you are touched by truly gracious acts that you connect to humanity. All too often as consumers we are always aware of a value exchange, the price of something for something.

And then someone mysteriously comes into your life and shows a loving connection with no expectation, and the mind is trapped, such moments are rarely witnessed. I am truly blessed to be showered with so much giving with no expectation of return. Funny we call them random acts of kindness, why so random? why not every day acts of kindness?

'dear Heroic and Ever-ready 'jewel' Shira' - This is someone who is taking time to connect in their opening sentence. I am not worthy of being placed on such a pedestal and yet its the depth of meaning that this person gave to this connection that truly touched my heart.

'Keep up your determination to spread peace by keeping your virtuous mind patient and detached. We all reap the yellow fruit of our efforts according to the imperishable seeds which we sow in the form of our words and actions. You remain worry-less by being humble in words and merciful in actions. I am very proud of you my honest sister' I have no relation with this person nor have i met them and yet there is a deep sense of connecting to my perceived source.

May we all be blessed to receive poetic acknowledgements of our perceived traits so we are able to feel human relatedness with no agenda, just connecting from the pure space of love.

love grace