Dear friends (FB, Linked In,Twitter) - May love & peace come your way grace shira bassi

I am attaching hope it works!! The mass from Bethleham where I have just returned from!! In Palastine, having crossed the wall from Jerusuleum, Israel. Note the irony.

I was blessed to be present at the birthplace of Jesus Bethleham, seen below

Being a yogi and hypnotist, I did trance out unintentionally and had a lovely experience with christs divine energy. The aroma of the scents and the chanting was remarkably eastern, it was my first mass ever, and I felt overjoyed and blissed out. Universal love is unbounded.

The mountain top where the crucifixion of christ took place in the church known as Holy Sepulchre.

ps on exiting israel I was interrogated and humiliated all in the name of my safety! May we all learn to live without fear and have faith in our humanity to unite and live together in peace and harmony.