Life & work or heart & mind are they independent?

Having just finished reading the 'mailroom' a very interesting book on how to aggressivley achieve success in the field of entertainment a very cut throat environment, it brought back my days as an apprenticed chartered accountant in the City of London!

I remember having been sent home from work as I was wearing trousers! Many friendships were made at the photocopier and ego had liitle place for new graduates.

Now in the days of conscious leaders, whole people and readily available information I wonder if such methods of grooming the workforce are outmoded. Can we continue to deny the human heart concept, where the latter is in a wider sense human values and have the mind in an isolated box?

Are we responsible leaders and is it success if we trade our being human? Is the material success lifestyle possible in a heart leader? Is nurturing a key component of leading? A few questions to ponder.

There are not many role models out there of this form of leadership, and I am looking for people who have done this and wish to be interviewed for my next book on successful heart leadership, if you know anyone or wish to be a part of this contact me on