Mt Kailash Trek 2012 Are you ready to climb a mountain? Not just any Mountain, one that is most sacred and at the same time making a difference ?

We are looking to raise awareness with underprivileged young girls in India so they are extraordinary, empowered and will grow up to make a contribution to society through having entrepreneurs leadership, coaching, and yogic philosophy. We will work with teachers, carers, social workers and other professionals to ensure they have special skills to nurture young people in an empowering way. We wish to connect kids in the UK with kids in India so there is a common empowering emphasis. There will be links from one child in the UK to another child in India through institutions. We work alongside other charities in India such as Children Walking Tall, until our own building is up and running.

Shira Bassi and a team of supporters have signed up to do the Mount Kailash trek in August September 2012. minimum time 28 days Check out the sponsorship page at Should you wish to be a part of this team please make contact.

Shira is the co-founder of Shakti Anand Orphanage Trust, a UK registered charity, and is committed to making a difference in the lives of the kids who do not have access to skills to survive and thrive by drawing on the talents of those who have time and want to serve.

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Mount Kailash (6,714m/22,028ft), Asia's most sacred mountain, is said to be at the heart of

the ancient Shangshung kingdom, the supposed land of origin of the pre-Buddhist Bonpos.

Mount Kailash is their soul-mountain (lari), which they also call Yungdrung Gu Tse, the Ninestory

Swastika Mountain. This is the very place where the sect's legendary founder, Tonpa

Shenrab, descended from heaven to earth. In the 11th century, with the revival and

ascendancy of Buddhism in Tibet, Milarepa, the poet-saint and patriarch of the Kagyupa sect,

was the dominant influence in the area. This came to pass when he defeated his Bonpo arch

rival, Naro Bonchung, in a series of magical contests. Relic traces of this epic battle can be

seen from time to time along the ritual circuit (khora) around Mt. Kailash.

The circumambulation of Mt. Kailash is an important pilgrimage for Hindus, Buddhists and

Jains. Hindus perform a prikama, Buddhists call it a kora. Buddhists believe that a single kora

washes away the sins of one life and 108 circuits secures Nirvana in this life.

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