There is a feminine force behind the masculine form or in eastern terms shakti and shiva..

There is a form of a force or energy in every indian diety which has a feminine equivalent. Rama had Sita, Krishna had Radha the list is endless, why was this the case when the current gurudom propagates celibacy? Could it be that the feminine energy or shakti which is more than just the female energy was a pre -requiste for any action to be executed?

The Hindhu scriptures suggest that the ultimate power is in a woman and any country, family or organisation which does not see this will ultimately fail. Why specify that much power to the woman than the man? It would seem the energy force or what is termed 'shakti' is always a feminine and the intention or impulse starts from here and the masculine form simply enacts the force. Without the force of shakti no action arises.

This whole process of the masculine and feminine is in 'shiva' which is why he is sometimes depicted as half male and half female, the destroyer and the creator.

If the woman attaches herself to the form and action alone she will be incomplete, the precursor to the action gives access to her shakti and wholeness as the divine feminine. The reverse is true for man if he acts without the force of intention or precursor it will be half hearted and the result will be half the result.

Hence its application to everyday life is to to recognise this shakti in the woman and give it the respect that it deserves so that it can thrive and blossom. This in turn will allow the masculine form to achieve the outcomes desired in its whole aspect and not be limited to just form. The thrust of the female shakti is needed to give it the impetus to succeed.

A good argument to having a more balanced workforce, leaders etc

love grace