Intimacy through Meditation

A spiritual persona is ever evolving, always a student.

The last 3 years have put me in touch with sadhus, saints, and spiritual seekers such that I am no longer who I was, also I have been under the influence of Brahmacharyia.

Since the return to the west, I am sensing that our internet and on line personas have dehumanised our interactions. There is a lack of willingness to know people at a deeper level. I am not against this, in fact I welcome how there is a global community AND there are lessons to learn.

The remoteness and safety of screens, mobiles etc has deluded us to believe we can exist at a distance from one another. This is purely my observation. This is much more prevalent in the younger generation who almost are unable to know what it is to commit to another human being, in a relationship at work, in business etc

The HUMAN factor or Heart is remotely managed. There is a danger of a robotic existence at the mercy of modern technology. I am all in favour of what this revolution offers and let us remember our HUMAN HEART in our relations and engagements even if the method is online, mobile etc

I am actually in the process of creating meditation in the business world. See below link.

Meditation offers an inward Journey towards a spirit that connects outwards as LOVE, COMPASSION and TRUTH