Heart of awakening

Its been some time since I posted in this blog Chai with shakti! It stopped in September 2012, some of you may be wondering why is that? Well its a story of awakening and I don't wish this to be about me as that will just be feeding the ego. Suffice it to say that in October 2012 I had a Kundalini awakening in London and had decided to take Sannyas at the 2013 Kumbh Mela, however the 'London Mata' as the Sannyasins called me was told my spiritual journey was not in saffron! This year I had a Navikalpa samadhi experience in London, my Sannyasin friends term as I explained my symptoms, very recently in fact early March 2014 so its no surprise they had named me the 'London Mata' without ego, to satisfy your mind I mention my 'heart of awakening' moments, you see the mind in you wants to know what credentials do I have, and the simple answer is NONE.


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Well I still did not own myself as a teacher of spiritual awakening,  I have now accepted this journey of Living from the heart, and if you are with me on Facebook my status of work is 'Living from the heart'. Many asked what is this, the short answer is its a journey through life as life, with surrender, trust and possibility to infinite potential which I allowed myself to go through, over the last 5 years and lost a fortune, since the aim was not success of a material kind but fulfillment, sat-chit-ananda, which is where I am as I write this inspite of all the life happenings around me. If this is your journey and you want to find the space in your heart to live from then come to our 1 day event on 27th April 2014 in London, Lancaster Gate, near Hyde Park, to the Heart of awakening, first ever!


Some of you who know me from social media may also know I wrote the book 'Living from the heart' in 2 weeks after my awakening to unconditional Love by Muna Baba's meeting an enlightened saint at the Kumbh Mela of 2010.

So I welcome the opportunity of us together awakening our hearts in life as we learn to live from that sacred space.


love grace