Your nature IS abundance...

Who is it that is in the way of your expression as abundance?

This abundance can be in relationships of love, success at work, financial flow of money, in health and all other areas of your life.   

If the answer to this feeling of lack in any of the above areas creates a resistance then know that you have not accepted who you are fully in truth to that area of your life. Your nature is abundance be it in love, money, work, or health. Anything less than that is a gap in you owning yourself and expressing gratitude in abundance. 

Your habitual conditioned responses are not always the ones that will lead to the flow as they are conditioned. Like Pavlovs dogs, once the bell is rung they need to go to eat the food, and even if they were not hungry they associated the noise of the ringing to the hunger, yet was the hunger the bell? There are similarly conditioned responses of the human psyche, except we are unaware. These are coded through our energy bodies and express outwardly in our character, behavior, environment, thinking, and sensory perception. So its not surprising that the recognition of ourselves as abundance is sometimes not recognized as the truth, just as the hunger in the case of Pavlovs dogs was associated with the bell instead of from within the hunger itself.

We associate the outer forms to abundance, yet they serve only as mirrors to our inner recognition of that fact. Clearly this abundance is a wide term of expression, lets say completeness or wholeness or bliss, and even heart of awakening and apply that expression to the loving relationship, the work/career, flow of money, a healthy body or simply to live in the bliss of every moment that such abundance makes available.

You are invited to attend our ‘Heart of awakening’ 1 day event on 15th June in London to arrive at peeling the layers that restricts your flow to your self expression as abundance.

love grace 
shakti shira