Heart of awakening - what is this condition?

When the gates of the heart are opened there is a deep outpouring of unconditional love, as the separation is no longer. This phenomena in turn heals, tolerates, forgives, one cannot be awake and hold grudges, resentment or ill will. A shift once occurred can not then go backwards.

Games of the human condition start to be seen in a distant memory. Life becomes as a play and relationships the actors literally. 

The sensitivity and unconditional pouring of love is not just sentimentality or human emotion its the recognition of the self in all encounters. The emotional weaknesses become more evident, in oneself and others, however there is not the harshness attached to this in a judging manner, its as if the cloud appears then drifts along.

In this state of awakening there can be a lack of motivation in the traditional sense of striving to get somewhere in fame and fortune since bliss has surfaced already from within. Now existence is not for surviving or thriving it simply is.

Its not sterile since there is a completeness as if why were you running to be somewhere else or with someone else, there is just the oneness, not the self as higher or lower.

At will you choose to move between these selves though its a strain to move away from the bliss and enter the play of life, really this comes only from the recognition of being in service to others.

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love grace

Shakti shira