The blossom of the heart

‘When one realizes one is asleep, at that moment one is already half awake’ Ouspensky

As a child is nurtured and grows from baby to adolescence to adulthood so is the process of the hearts awakening. The food for such a process are meditation, mindfulness, yoga, life’s lessons to reduce the ego mind, however as in the case of the child it does not keep on eating the same food through the various stages so is the case with the hearts awakening. 

There comes a time when the heart is in blossom and the input of food necessary is reduced AND OF A DIFFERENT FOOD TYPE. So in the same way our tools of meditation, yoga, mindfulness, service, prayer, chanting, reducing ego, are simply FOOD TYPES. We do not hold on to the tools as the end game. There is no end game except to undress and reveal ourselves to be. This is fairly simple, yet our ego minds and intellect are so conditioned to complexity and desires which vary from person to person. These conditioned responses are loosened by the practices which allow the blossoming of the heart as unconditional love naturally without effort.

The effects of the practices of meditation, yoga, mindfulness, prayer, service varies and one prescription does not fit all. Hence the guidance of the teacher is required.

Heart awakening is a process of inner rewiring at a cellular level and this arises from the practices themselves. Hence the guidance of the teacher is required to administer as a mother the appropriate food types.

The healing arises naturally from the place of transcendence  upon the heart awakening.

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We invite you to attend our Heart of awakening event in London on the 15th June 2014. Please click here for tickets 

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Love grace

Shakti shira