The spiritual journey of awakening - Letting go of even the meditation technique..

Letting go of even the meditation technique!

After this journey to India it feels as if I have done a full 360 degrees and come to myself with out myself, if that makes sense. In the language of words to explain this phenomena is itself limiting, however this trip was an ordeal as I finally could see through the facade of the spiritual identity the other ego which also is surrendered. So what a relief it was for me to let go and surrender to nature and life, this is the diving deeper into the heart of being or the I AM.

There is no more agenda, nothing, empty of your spiritual and material identity, witnessing the projections created with all your senses, the detached observer, no identification even at this level of the spirit. The recognition of life itself is the ultimate in all the forms that come and go, just as the waves of the ocean coming to the shores yet you are the ocean not the wave. You are the whole no longer the part even the spiritual part.

Spontaneous expression of the no mind state of I AM no labels, no technique, no running, no gurus, no vedic priests, acceptance of the nature and you are one and the same. Life is itself guiding you to yourself, which you already are.

The journey was a trick of the mind to convince the ego its tough, hard. Yoga is of ease, as Patanjali in the Yoga sutras says follow the ease, Yoga chitta vritti nirodha. It was always there, yet the journey was to unshed the ego of the spiritual sense of the mind.

Effort is necessary until its no longer necessary.

Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love, it will not lead you astray.

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