Because I walk amongst you is no entitlement to not know that I am a sannyasin & have vows of only divine love

If I wear a Sannyasin saffron
You come for solace of lives woes

If I label as a Guru you redeem and trade your sins at my feet

You garland my body's fragrance so that I can be in that neat box of spirituality

Yet If I come as nothingness you honor me with nothingness
oh shallow man.

When will you learn that the lion that roars the loudest is not always the mightiest.
With grace your encounter arises a guru by no name as a guru

Choose to embrace it or leave it do not sit on the fence

The sannyasin is one who sheds all glory and accolades and has only the divine love as an exchange
how could you price such an encounter shallow man

Do not cast your lustful ways with such a one and demean the fabric of their sensitivity
Their love is boundless and eternal
Yet your eyes limit it within your body,

Priceless are the gems, out of compassionate grace is such a one called into your life.

love grace & blessings

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